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How can we help?

Here's a few of our areas of expertise, where we think you might find us useful.

Start your web adventure 

Almost any business or organisation these days requires a web presence, but what do you need? how do you work it? can I stop someone else hacking it? and where do you go to get it?  

We believe that a solution has to work both now and in the future, so we've put together a low cost package that can get you started quickly, but gives you the flexibility you need for the future, and because it's open source - you are not locked in.

Depending on your budget you can then choose the standard responsive theme; or select a paid for pre-built theme, or commission a design of your own that can be integrated into the site.

When it comes to security we we use one of the most secure CMSes available?  And when you need to enhance your website to suit your growing business, the large library of addons helps us get you there more quickly.

Can't edit your website?

We think you should be able to edit your own site yourself! - If your business got a great design for your site, but you can't change what it's saying, then we can help fix that, and quite possibly make it "Responsive" (mobile friendly) in the process.

Designers - Is a CMS cramping your style?

Many Content Management Systems produce sites that can immediately recognisable as coming from that system. Sometimes that doesn't matter, but if you are a designer, you may need to allow your client to edit the website you provide for them, but really don't want to feel like the CMS is dictacting to you. 

We can add to your service offering by providing the technical know-how behind your design skills, and integrate an  open source CMS that is easy to use, and we think will impress you with the freedom and flexibility that you have to design as you like.

Plone Upgrades

Stuck on an old version of Plone or Zope?  We have helped several clients upgrade from older versions of Plone (Plone 2) or even plain Zope, to modern Plone sites.

Freelance software development

As well as undertaking smaller projects alone, we are available to join larger project teams.  Our skills include:

  • Python techologies and frameworks including Plone, Zope & Gtk
  • Front end technologies - HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Java & associated technologies: Struts2, Hibernate, Maven, Ant, JDBC, JSP, Servlets etc.
  • Databases: SQL, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL
  • Dev Ops such as Ansible and raw shell scripting
  • Source control systems such as git & svn


See our portfolio of the sort of work we have been undertaking.


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