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9-a-day website for Langham Partnership

Homepage on the 9-a-day site

Working in partnership with Mark Oliver Design, we developed a Plone based site for Langham Partnership (a Christian charity started by John Stott).  The site we developed is a video based campaign that was progressively released over a few months.

From a technical point of view we were glad to work with the following products:

  • Plone's workflow architecture enabled us to set up the videos to be "Coming soon" before they were fully published.
  • We found Diazo theming to be wonderfully flexible in adapting to the colourful design, it was our first time working with Diazo & we certainly found it to be easier than normal Plone theming.
  • Easy Newsletter makes sending regular newsletters a breeze for content editors, and it can be cleverly configured to automatically include recent content.
  • Youtube's Python API
  • Popups were constructed with the help of (thanks to Steve McMahon for a great addon)
  • Content Ratings
  • Plone Caching is easy to get started with (though in common with a lot of caching solutions, it can get as complicated as you like the further you delve!)

All in all, it was a project that shows the power of developing with mature open source software like Plone.