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The Websites and Software that we have engineered

Antaco CMS site


Antaco website homepage

Antaco are an innovative biofuels start-up making fuel out of sewage sludge really efficiently.  We were pleased to help them make their website both content managed and mobile friendly.
We used Zurb Foundation 4 for the front end & wrote a new banner product for Plone to help with the slideshow.

Highfields Church, Cardiff

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Highfields Church screenshot

"Highfields is a city church in Cardiff that seeks to be loving, culturally relevant, serious about the Bible, socially involved and unashamed about proclaiming the great news that Jesus is Rescuer and King." (quote source)

We recently helped upgrade Highfields Church from an older version of Plone to a new Plone 4.2 website giving them greater performance and access to new technologies.

Royal College of Surgeons

We helped the existing Web Development team at the Royal College of Surgeons develop this upgrade of their old Plone site, migrating both Products and a large amount of content in the process.  We helped to build a complex theme including Carousels / Slideshows,  Megamenus and collected content.   Content migration from an older version of Plone was accomplished using Transmogrifier and associated tools.

This is a large and complex site which uses many Plone products for many different purposes - and is a fine example of the power and reach of Plone.

The Royal College of Surgeons


9-a-day website for Langham Partnership

Homepage on the 9-a-day site

Working in partnership with Mark Oliver Design, we developed a Plone based site for Langham Partnership (a Christian charity started by John Stott).  The site we developed is a video based campaign that was progressively released over a few months.

From a technical point of view we were glad to work with the following products:

  • Plone's workflow architecture enabled us to set up the videos to be "Coming soon" before they were fully published.
  • We found Diazo theming to be wonderfully flexible in adapting to the colourful design, it was our first time working with Diazo & we certainly found it to be easier than normal Plone theming.
  • Easy Newsletter makes sending regular newsletters a breeze for content editors, and it can be cleverly configured to automatically include recent content.
  • Youtube's Python API
  • Popups were constructed with the help of (thanks to Steve McMahon for a great addon)
  • Content Ratings
  • Plone Caching is easy to get started with (though in common with a lot of caching solutions, it can get as complicated as you like the further you delve!)

All in all, it was a project that shows the power of developing with mature open source software like Plone.

Full Motion F1 Simulator


BRD F1 Simulator


We have been regularly assisting Ball Racing Developments  in the continuous development of their full motion Formula 1 Simulator, by customizing their existing software to their cutting edge requirements.  This simulator delivers up to 1.5 G and is perhaps the closest a member of the public can get to the feeling of driving a F1 car.

The most visible part of our work with BRD was in helping to add vertical motion into their motion system to give it "Six Degrees of Freedom".   This adds the capabilities to Roll, Pitch and Heave to the Simulator.  Don't try this on a full stomach!

Gogo Trust Website

Helping widows and orphans who have been hit by the Aids pandemic in South Africa

GogoTrust homepage

It's hard to find a more worthy cause than this, helping those who's parents have died, or have to care for their grandchildren because their children have.  We are glad to have been able to help in some way.

Please do take a look at the GogoTrust site & help the work if you can.

By the way, a Gogo is a Granny in local lingo (Xhosa or Zulu)

Sherwood Private School

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A content managed site developed using Plone for a School based in Nigeria. Multiple users are able to update the site with ease.  Also included in the website is a JavaScript slide-show / Carousel

on the homepage.

Sherwood Private School website


This website


The Jowett Enterprises website is written in Plone/python and is built around an off the shelf theme.  This was theming the "old way" and took more than a little effort to wire it into Plone, things are a lot simpler now!

The site now runs Plone 4 & still works well for us, as well as giving us the ability to add more features when we need to.  By the way, the screenshot above is the edit screen for this page - which give you an idea of editing a Plone site. It is a little behind what you would get in a current version of Plone, but it still works well for us.

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