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The Great British Business Show

Posted by daniel at Nov 23, 2011 12:10 PM |
Some highlights at the Great British Business Show

Last week I went to the Great British Business Show.  From the midst of a lot of businessmen & businesswomen, here's what I considered the highlights & things worthy of more investigation.

  1. Crowd Funding... a way of getting funding for your business or startup that takes the route of selling your idea to many people using the internet, rather than just 1 or 2 people at your local bank. Check out Crowd Cube or Seed Ups for more details.  The former seems to be further down the road in terms of number of projects fully funded, the later has a particular focus on tech startups.
  2. TreeIO - looks a potentially great "all in one" software offering-  offering Project Management, CRM, Helpdesk, Document Storage, etc. It's open source software (written in Python/Django) and therefore free to use; though you might want to pay to get it set up for you.  I need to look into this more.
  3. Mike Southon author of "The Beermat Entrepreneur" was there working with the Federation of Small Businesses.  I went to one of his talks on Sales and found it extremely helpful - he's got some good aids on his website too.
  4. Louis Barnett, founder of Chokolit spoke at the first keynote. He has a genuinely amazing story of starting business at a young age with no academic qualifications. I mean it's all obvious really, he just made a product that lots of people liked and sold it well, but he's only 20 now and speaks very professionally. For me it emphasized the impact of having a good product.


That's all for now, though I'll probably come back with the results of my closer look at TreeIO