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9-a-day website for Langham Partnership

Posted by daniel |
We helped develop a Video based website for Langham Partnership

Video Popup on the 9-a-day site

Working in partnership with Mark Oliver Design, we developed a Plone based site for Langham Partnership (a Christian charity started by John Stott).  The site we developed is a video based campaign to be progressively released over a few months. (Though this is looking a few months back & all the videos are published now)

From a personal point of view, we were glad to help bring out a discussion of how Christians can be more like Jesus, and we particularly warmed to the stories from Christian leaders of how they've seen Christlikeness exhibited in the lives of others.  Kudos to our friends at Ignite Creative for the well produced videos!

The site is at

Technical Notes

From a technical point of view we were glad to work with the following products:

  • Plone's workflow architecture enabled us to set up the videos to be "Coming soon" before they were fully published.
  • We found Diazo theming to be wonderfully flexible in adapting to the colourful design, it was our first time working with Diazo & we certainly found it to be easier than normal Plone theming.
  • Easy Newsletter makes sending regular newsletters a breeze for content editors, and it can be cleverly configured to automatically include recent content.
  • Youtube's Python API
  • Popups were constructed with the help of (thanks to Steve McMahon for a great addon)
  • Plone Caching is easy to get started with (though in common with a lot of caching solutions, it can get as complicated as you like the further you delve!)

All in all, it was a project that shows the power of developing with mature open source software like Plone.

If you need help building a similar website, please contact us for a friendly chat!